Build a lifetime bond between dogs and dog parents, through fun and positive dog training classes.
Petco Positive Dog Training promotes the well-being of pets and pet parents with dog-friendly communication, instruction, enrichment, environmental management, and compassion to strengthen the bond between pet parent and dog. Our entire program uses effective and FUN science-based training principles which reward dog behavior.
Your journey begins with our paid, six-week Dog Trainer Instructor Program.
Meet Darris Cooper, Dog Training Education Manager
"Every training decision is a health and wellness decision. Backed by science and experts, voluntary and reinforcement-based training helps to encourage desired behaviors while teaching you how dogs think, learn, and communicate. Petco Positive Dog Training promotes the importance of trust, relationship, and clear communication between pet parents and their dog."
Meet Jeremy Peirce, Senior Dog Trainer
"I made the move to Petco because of the impact I could make in the lives of pet parents and the pets that I could help keep in their homes. Since joining Petco, I have been a mentor to trainers just starting their journey, helped create and launch our Online Training Program, been involved in content creation, and had unique opportunities to travel, meet industry leaders, and grow in the field."
Mary Lee, Senior Trainer and Dog Trainer Mentor 
"I started as a Petco trainer 13 years ago. I absolutely love working in such a positive atmosphere. I never dreamed I could combine my two passions into a career: dogs and education. My mind is blown by the education each trainer receives, plus having an entire support system. Petco is an amazing company that encompasses health, wellness, camaraderie, education, and teamwork."

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