Extraordinary Veterinary Externships at Vetco Total Care

Vetco Total Care is committed to the development of veterinary (DVM) students. We welcome the opportunity to participate in accredited university veterinary externship programs.


Throughout your externship, you will gain valuable hands-on experience with medical, surgical, diagnostic, and dental procedures in one of our state-of-the-art general practice hospitals. Build your skill set and explore future career paths while being mentored and supervised by an experienced veterinarian who is committed to your learning and growth. 

As a veterinary extern, you will: 

1. Learn by observing and participating under the guidance of a mentor doctor. You won't be left alone! 
2. Ensure the safety of pets, clients and team members by adhering to all medical standard operating protocols.
3. Perform care that is outlined in a State Practice Act and only under the direct supervision of a DVM or Licensed Veterinary Technician.

Veterinary Externships are available in select states with Vetco Total Care general practice hospitals.
Please complete this form to view and select your desired location. 

Externs are eligible to receive an hourly wage and/or credit hours, plus generous Petco store and services discounts on training, grooming and medical care.

Your wellbeing is important! Vetco Total Care does not require emergency on-call, late night or overnight shifts. 

Got questions? Please email us at vetprograms@petco.com - thank you. 

Sick + well exams
Diagnostic + treatment plans
Preventive care
Hospital leadership, operations & business
Clinical Pathology
Dentistry (Including DDXR)
Small Animal Medicine + surgery 

Vetology Radiograph Interpretation AI
​​​​​​​VMED Vet-Dop2 Blood Pressure Doppler


*Small Animal Emergency Critical Care
*Zoo/Exotic Animal Medicine

*Varies by hospital/doctor.

Vetco Total Care does not perform medically-unnecessary and cosmetic procedures. 
  1. You are currently enrolled in an AVMA-accredited veterinary college.  
  2. You must provide proof of medical and professional liability insurance. 
  3. You are available to work Monday - Saturday during open hospital hours (usually 8:00 am - 6:00 pm).
  4. You are empathetic toward pets and people.
  5. You're a team player who enjoys working in a diverse and highly-inclusive environment where all people are welcome as they are.
  6. You possess strong observational, analytical, critical thinking and communication skills.
  7. You can maintain a calm, respectful and professional manner with colleagues, clients and patients. 
  8. You're willing to collaborate with and learn from anyone on staff. 
  9. You love to identify and analyze problems and provide medically-sound recommendations.
  10. You are adaptable to sometimes stressful and unexpected situations typical of working in a veterinary medical facility. 

If you are looking for information about the Petco Veterinary Technician Tuition Assistance Program please click here

Take a quick tour of a Vetco Total Care hospital. 

Got questions? Please email us at vetprograms@petco.com - thank you.