We're on a mission to improve the lives of pets and pet parents.
A vital part of this mission is making high-quality veterinary care more accessible to pets in your community.
As a Vetco independent contractor, you can choose Vetco Vaccination Clinic shifts or relief shifts in a Vetco Total Care hospital.
(Not a veterinarian but want to work for Vetco Clinics? We have Vetco Clinic operations and support roles below.)  

Vetco Vaccination Clinic Veterinarians
  • Veterinarians bid your own shifts and pay rates. 
  • Offer preventive care services for healthy dogs and cats inside Petco & other retail locations including vaccinations and parasite prevention. 
  • We handle scheduling and staffing. 
  • Trained Vetco Clinic staff are onsite during each clinic. 
  • Appointment-based model helps manage traffic and scheduling so you start and end on time.
  • Easily bid on and track your shifts in our easy-to-use vetPoint app.
  • 15% discount Petco products and services. 
  • Eligible for employee referral rewards up to $5000. 

Vetco Total Care Hospital Relief Veterinarians
  • Veterinarians bid your own shifts and pay rates. 
  • Provide doctor relief coverage in Vetco Total Care general-practice hospitals. 
  • See sick and well-pet visits, administer vaccines and preventive care.
  • If you choose: perform minor procedures and outpatient surgeries including spays, neuters, dentals, and mass removals.
  • Provide follow-up patient care and communication of diagnostic results and recommendations.
  • On-site IDEXX laboratory diagnostics, digital radiology and Butterfly iQ+ Ultrasound. 
  • 15% discount on all Petco products and services. 
  • Eligible for employee referral rewards up to $5000. 

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Not a vet, but love the idea of keeping pets healthy and happy?
These Vetco Clinic roles may be just right for you. 

“Vetco Clinics have created a wonderful avenue for me to keep up with general practice skills while I pursue my advanced laboratory animal medicine residency. I can pick up relief shifts whenever it suits my busy schedule. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the teams, the opportunity to teach veterinary assistants, to provide medical care for my patients, as well as answering client questions. Ultimately, the staff and the rapport I have established with the clients I see continues to draw me back to Vetco.”

Dr. Fazal Rehman
Vetco 1099 DVM

Vetco has allowed me the opportunity to train not just my direct report, but my peers as well. I greatly enjoy educating and I have been presented with many opportunities to do so. I have become a member of many pillar groups, including groups focusing on future educational courses for our partners.

Rachel V.
Vetco Clinic Operations Leader
Vetco gave me the opportunity to go further with my career than I thought possible. All you need is a good attitude and the desire to grow. There are many leadership positions in Petco and Vetco and one can apply to as many opportunities as they like.
One thing I love about being a Petco Partner is the environment! Everyone strives to help each pet parent find the best solutions for their pet. We work as a team to provide care from all areas whether veterinary care, nutrition, training or grooming. 

Kristen M.
Vetco Operations Leader