When you bring your practice to Petco you will have a full-service hospital where you are empowered to practice autonomous medicine and make the best decisions for your patients, and where you and your staff enjoy benefits that support your whole self and wellbeing.

At Vetco Total Care you are trusted to practice autonomous medicine, with the freedom to practice within a broader framework. Our area medical directors and hospital veterinarians are truly empowered to determine diagnostic and care protocols, build treatment plans, select medications based on what is right for their patients and keep their overall health and wellness front and center.

You will also enjoy the support of an area medical director who will help facilitate requests for training, staff, tools, adding new medicines to the formulary and more. You have a voice and an advocate when you bring your practice to us.

Because we’re veterinarian led, Vetco Total Care prioritizes the highest standards of care for our patients. We ensure you and your team have everything you need to diagnose and treat a wide variety of patients and medical cases including continuing education, field support, modern equipment, and medications.

Our full-service hospitals offer well and sick visits, preventive care, dentals, transfusions, mass removals, and outpatient surgeries for dogs, cats, and companion animals.
Our hospitals are equipped with: 

  • State-of-the-art labs
  • Surgical suites
  • Tonovet and Capnography
  • Digital + dental radiology; Xray suites
  • Butterfly IQ + handheld ultrasound
  • Vetology Radiograph Interpretation AI
  • VMEDVet-Dop2
  • AI VETSCAN IMAGYST Microscope by Zoetis
  • And more

We encourage everyone at Vetco Total Care to be their best self at home and work. Veterinarian stress, depression, compassion fatigue, and career burnout are things we take seriously. But it’s not enough to say this – we support it with:

  • Regular hours (and getting home for dinner)
  • No hospital overnights
  • No emergency on-call hours
  • No quotas on selling wellness plans
  • PT and FT flexibility
  • Industry-leading financial, health and mental wellness benefits

Our leadership team is dedicated to always looking for new ways to empower our veterinary staff to bring their best selves to work.


We offer industry-leading flexible, paid time-off, a wealth of benefits and an innovative bonus and incentive structure because we believe your success and wellness are just as important as the health of the pets you serve.

You and your staff will enjoy the benefit of Petco Total Rewards including:

  • 401(K) retirement plans + company match
  • Competitive salaries
  • Flexible and paid time off
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Mental Health, Fertility and Adoption benefits
  • Domestic partner and dependent insurance coverage up to age 26
  • Health & Flexible Savings Accounts
  • Paid parental leave
  • Short- and long-term disability and life insurance benefits
  • Personal Liability Insurance (PLIT)
  • Quarterly bonuses
  • Career growth opportunities
  • $3500 continuing education stipend for FT DVMs and $1000 CE stipend for Vet Techs
  • More!

Take a tour of Vetco Total Care with Dr. Mitchell, then scroll right to meet Dr. Moran. 
Our Streamlined Process
Call us, send an email, reach out online or visit us at a trade show to learn more about partnering with us.​​​​​ 
If together we decide we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement and collect information so we can create a valuation.​​​​​ 
Next, you’ll meet with a member of our business development and medical team to tell us more about your hospital, review our valuation and explore purchase options.​​​​​ 
Once we’ve agreed on terms, our legal team will process agreements with your council. Our operations team will then map out your transition plan, and your Letter of Intent will close in 60-90 days with significant cash at close.​​​​ 
Focus on what you do best, grow your practice and build your career with the support of Petco, the leading pet health & wellness company. Call us, send an email, reach out online or visit us at a trade show to learn more about partnering with us.​​​​

Is Vetco Total Care the right path for you and your team?
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Hear from our doctors
“As an Area Medical Director, I’m visiting hospitals and I’m there for my teams, but also working from home. My schedule affords me flexibility as a new mom. I feel empowered by my leadership team to adjust my schedule as needed, and it’s honestly such a sense of freedom to balance work and life in a way that works best for me.” 
Dr. Elyse Pendergast
Area Medical Director
“Petco has had such a positive impact on quality of life since day one.
I am home for dinner with my kids every night…I am able to support my partner…my schedule has enabled us to have more quality time together and strengthen our bond as a family.”

Dr. Nicci Fisher
Hospital Medical Leader
“Practicing autonomous medicine is important to me. It allows me to provide the best care possible for my patients. For example, I prefer to carry Purevax for cats. Vetco has been supportive of this from the beginning, as well as carrying alfaxolone which allows me to really tailor my anesthetic plan to each individual patient.”
Dr. Zaya McSky
Hospital Medical Leader
There are so many benefits to being a Petco Partner. I have worked at several other clinics and Vetco by far has the best management. I feel supported as a veterinarian. My medical decisions work-life balance is supported. I have the equipment I need to diagnose and treat pets. From dental radiographs to ultrasound, Vetco provides the tools that I need so that I can do my best for pets and pet parents. It is a great place to work."
Dr. Laura Stoeker
“I enjoy the company and growth opportunites within Petco. There is a strong sense of belonging and the company cares about work-life balance.
As an AOM I am on site, listnening to our partners and pet parents. Seeking to understand how we can be better and what their needs are. I am not just looking at the big picture, but truly investing thet time in our partners and clients. I can be a voice for our partners in the field with support from all departments.
Petco/VTC is a friendly, engaging and supportive company. I am proud to work with a great company!”
Shannon Wiesmiller
Hospital Medical Leader
Our Values