No matter where you work, you can refer a veterinarian or a licensed veterinary technician to Vetco Total Care hospitals and earn up to $5000, per referral.

$5000 reward for full-time veterinarians. 

$2500 reward for part-time veterinarians.

$1000 reward for licensed veterinary technicians.

See Terms and Conditions below.
We take care of people with industry-leading health, wellness, and financial benefits.
We have a highly supportive work environment with outstanding flexibility, work-life balance and growth opportunities for veterinary professionals.
We’re here to improve lives of pets, pet parents and each other.
We foster a welcoming, respectful, and safe workplace.
“As an Area Medical Director, I’m visiting hospitals and I’m there for my teams, but also working from home. My schedule affords me flexibility in my other role as a new mom. I feel empowered by my leadership team to adjust my schedule as needed, and it’s honestly such a sense of freedom to balance work and life in a way that works best for me.”
- Dr. Elyse Pendergast, Area Medical Director, Vetco Total Care
Dr. Elyse Pendergast
Area Medical Director
Vetco Total Care
“Petco has had such a positive impact on quality of life since day one. I am home for dinner with my kids every night…I am able to support my partner…my schedule has enabled us to have more quality time together and strengthen our bond as a family.” - Dr. Nicci Fisher, Hospital Medical Lead, Vetco Total Care
Dr. Nicci Fisher
Vetco Total Care
“Practicing autonomous medicine is important to me. It allows me to provide the best care possible for my patients. For example, I prefer to carry Purevax for cats. Vetco has been supportive of this from the beginning, as well as carrying alfaxolone which allows me to really tailor my anesthetic plan to each individual patient.”
​​​​​​​- Dr. Zaya McSky, Vetco Total Care

Dr. Zaya McSky
Hospital Medical Leader
Vetco Total Care
"Education is the plan at Vetco Total Care! I come from a military background — developing and uplifting your peers was engrained in me. Educating all peers, no matter their role, brings value and ownership to the impact we have as veterinary professionals.
We’re making sure LVTs, VAs and Hospital Concierges have the knowledge they need to be the best for our clients and themselves! You can grow your heart and mind at VTC!
Nic Millan
Hospital Office Manager
Vetco Total Care
"Practicing autonomous medicine allows me to utilize the most up-to-date treatment options from continuing education courses, as we dream appropriate. We are free to use our expert judgement and experience to practice medicine our way. It provides us with ownership of our medical practice and enables each of us to use the full scope of our expertise and skills, with the understanding that all major medical decisions are looked at from a medical perspective and we have the support of field medical leadership." 
Dr. Michael Ogden-Schuette
Vetco Total Care
For eligibility requirements, reward payouts and terms, please see: Petco Referral Policy Terms and Conditions