What does New York State's Buoys Law Mean for You?

What New York’s Buoy’s Law Means for You
This is to inform you of important changes in Pet Pass Hospital in response to New York State’s new Buoy’s Law (effective June 15, 2024). These enhancements in Pet Pass Hospital will help support our veterinary teams.

Buoy’s Law pertains to information provided by our veterinary teams when initially prescribing or dispensing drugs labeled for an intended species.

Learn more about this law at The New York State Education Department

Petco has added an automatic Medical Consultation SKU in Pet Pass Hospital (pictured below). When you check "GIVEN", a series of questions will pop up to assist you and your team to swiftly and accurately document your discussions with pet parents.

The feature is live in Pet Pass, so please familiarize yourself with the new feature and incorporate it within your workflow. 

Links to product information of the most prescribed medications are also being added to the emergency sheets provided to clients on discharge. Additionally, printed versions of the product label can be provided.

Please contact samantha.nelson@petco.com with any questions.